Accomplishing your business objectives through email marketing

Virtually all marketing plan is created around specific objectives that a particular business wants to accomplish. The tools that are necessary for a marketing plan depends upon these goals. But what if it’s possible to have a tool that will solve your every other issue instead of making more problems for your business? We’re talking about email marketing. It’s an […]

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How to Amplify Your In-Person Events with Lead Nurturing and Marketing Automation

In marketing, in-person events like workshops, seminars, product launches, and tradeshows, present a fantastic opportunity to find potential clients while interacting in an environment that, for once, doesn’t involve a computer. However, they are also an important way to nurture a variety of existing leads. The key to maximizing ROI with what, all things considered […]

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35 Marketing Automation Tools To Personalize Your Customer’s Journey

One of the most empowering abilities marketers have gained from the digitization of the marketing function is marketing automation. Today, every organization out there is using some form of software as a service (SaaS) platform to share content (CMS), to streamline their communications with customers (CRM and Marketing Automation), and to draw insights (Analytics) from […]

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