February 28, 2019

 Financial Marketing Weekly Roundup – Friday the 19th

It is time for another series of weekly roundup. For those of you that are new to this series, we try provide valuable/trendy links to advisors to educate them on everything financial web marketing. This week we have two fantastic articles for your reading pleasure. First, are you struggling with how to go about marketing to millennials? Well you’re not alone; find out some essential tips on marketing to this lucrative future market.  Also, LinkedIn is a recommended social platform for advisors, but does it really protect your privacy? Find out the 5 ways to protect your privacy but keep your fundability intact.

Marketing to millennials is a hot topic lately, bring up questions as to how to reach this generation as a financial advisor. Traditional methods are almost obsolete, making them very unique in the way you must approach your tactics. This article displayed in Wealth Professional, written by Nicole Middlemiss, shows you some essential tips to reaching new clients –featuring quotes from yours truly.

Look beyond traditional marketing strategies and utilize what generation Y gave us. Millennials are the inventors of social media and they stay constantly connected to the world around them via the internet. This makes social media the ideal avenue to reach potential new clients and maintain contact with established ones… Read More

LinkedIn can be a powerful resource at your disposal if you ‘optimize your profile to protect your privacy while staying fineable’. With web security and privacy being such a large issue today, it’s important that advisor take the time to see what settings are available to them on one of the most popular and effective social networks – LinkedIn. Think Advisor’s fantastic article by Elyse Hackney, show you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to accomplish both.

Adopting social media as a business tool, however, creates questions and concerns in an industry that has historically placed a premium on privacy. So what does a financial advisor need to know to get on LinkedIn and be effective while also protecting their privacy?

As someone who works closely with many of Hearsay Social financial clients, I am happy to provide the following list of best practices for privacy settings from the perspective of being easily finable and growing your network… Read More