What Advisors Should Do About Online Reviews

by By Justin Kuepper (Originally published at Investopedia) TripAdvisor helps travelers find hotels, Yelp helps diners find restaurants, and Angie’s List helps people find household workers, but few websites provide reviews of financial advisors. With the SEC revising its rules on the matter, advisors can expect to see a growing number of reviews across a variety of established apps and […]

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3 reasons financial advisors need to have a CRM system

Microsoft research study on monetary wealth management firms found that a 2%increase in income happened along with a 17%boost in worker performance.CRM systems are ending up being less ofa pattern and more of a standard in the financial market. The benefits that can be gained from them are more than worth the month-to-month membership included. […]

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Why Financial Advisors Shouldn’t Fear AI

and suggestions. These are some of the areas that robo advisors are excelling in.Financial Advisors shouldn’t take a look at this is as the end of their occupation, but more as a gleaming opportunity. Instead of wasting hours a day responding to questions about basic returns on mutual funds, consultants can utilize the saved time […]

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